Glasgow Caledonian University

Mission: To prove the business case for sustainability in the apparel and accessories industry.

A $2.5 trillion industry, fashion is the second highest polluter, contributing ten percent of carbon emissions and twenty percent of industrial water waste. Globally one in six people work in fashion related industries and women represent eighty percent of the supply chain. While this scale and global integration propels fashion to a top rank on any impact index, it is its nature of constant reinvention that also becomes its opportunity for rapid transformation.

Glasgow Caledonian University New York (GCU) established the Fair Fashion Center striving to create an industry that is a respectful and regenerative ecosystem that supports people, planet and profits. With the mission to prove the business case for sustainability, the FFC turns issues into business opportunities that scale.

Combining economic value creation with environmental stewardship, social inclusion, and sound ethics, the FFC's efforts are built upon the recognition that systemic change in the fashion industry requires market-based approaches that align to the industry’s disciplines.

The FFC is structured to aggregate and research the best and most scalable practices, source new opportunities for engagement, and research emerging tactics and technologies in supply chain sustainability, social responsibility, ecology and environmental impact reduction.

With guidance from public sector organizations like the United Nations and priorities established by the industry’s leading executives, the FFC works to move company initiatives beyond CSR, empowering organizations to embed sustainable practices across all business functions. The FFC is committed to demonstrating how sustainable practices improve business prospects and mitigate risk, while accomplishing the goals of a more responsible and inclusive future.


Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University is renowned for the quality of its learning and teaching and is the leading modern University in Scotland for research power. Serving nearly 20,000 students from more than 100 countries with core campuses in Glasgow, London and New York and partnership transnational education offered in Bangladesh, Oman, South Africa and Mauritius.

Tracing it's origins to 1875, the University has remained steadfast these 140 years in maintaining the mission written into its seal, For the Common Good. GCU's commitment to the Common Good is realized through University-wide initiatives in the four key areas of raising aspirations and widening access to higher education; enhancing capability; reducing inequalities and regenerating the communities it serves.

Our Chancellor, Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, inspires our educational philosophy to transform the lives of our students and use our resources to deliver benefits for society. Chancellor Yunus is a pioneer in microcredit who has received prestigious recognitions including Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Congressional Gold Medal.

GCU is a signatory to the United Nations PRME initiative (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and is the first Scottish university to join the UN Global Compact, the world's largest voluntary corporate responsible management initiative. The University has been designated a Changemaker Campus by AshokaU, for its efforts promoting and facilitating global social change and responsible business.